The Gear

Jungle City's gear integrates the best of the digital and analog worlds to provide the ideal creative environment. All of our rooms are well equipped and centered around the best in modern recording console technology, such as the SSL Duality, Euphonix S5 Fusion and Digidesign's Icon D-command. To compliment our SSL, the Penthouse control room features an original EMI TG12345 Mark III console from the 1960's that has been fully refurbished and recapped. In addition to large format consoles, all of our rooms feature custom Augsburger monitors that have been tuned by WSDG's top acoustician Dirk Noy and NYC Mastering Engineer Dave Kutch. Each studio has an Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX-V that is synced to our Isochrone 10M Rubidium master clock ensuring the highest levels of reliability and sound quality.

Besides a plethora of gear in each room, Jungle City’s microphone collection includes highly sought after vintage microphones as well as today's modern classics. All our rooms have access to our very large guitar and amplifier collection featuring the very best from the past century as well as our exotic collection of snare drums and drum kits. Regardless of the size or scope of your project, Jungle City is well equipped to manage any of your audio or video projects.

  • Mixing Board
    Chandler limited mini rack mixer North Studio
    Digidesign Icon D-Control 32 Faders (Pro Tools Remote)North Studio
    EMI TGI 12345 mark 3The Penthouse
    Euphonix S5 Fusion 16x16 Analog IO / 16 AES IO / 64 Channels MADI IOSouth Studio
    Solid State Logic Duality SE 48 input analog console with Total RecalThe Penthouse