Welcome To Jungle City Studios

Jungle City Studios is the “NEW” New York, revival of the studio community. Designed with the artist, producer and engineer in mind, Jungle City strives to bring back the golden age of New York City recording studios with an awe-inspiring artistic space never seen before. Founded by Rocco Berardi, Rosemary Spallina, Ann Mincieli and Robert Baccigalupi and managed by Phil Spallina this three-room creative space fosters an intimate atmosphere while providing inspiring wide skyline views. Ann Mincieli, longtime engineer and studio coordinator for Alicia Keys, has channelled her talents into making Jungle a technical prowess featuring the very best in vintage and modern technology. With over twenty years of experience in the music business, Ann Mincieli has travelled the world engineering for some of the industry’s most renowned artists: Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Drake, Mariah Carey, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, and Whitney Houston, to name a few. Aside from engineering, Ann, a partner in the Jungle City Studios experience, has been able to merge all her experiences and masterfully feature them in what has become Jungle City Studios.

Jungle has been designed to please the most demanding and diversified lover of sound and music. Come feel it! You will love the experience!