One of two mix/overdub/production suites situated on Jungle City’s 10th floor, the North Studio is outfitted with a 32-input Avid D-Control and Pro Tools HD4 with Expansion Chassis. Our Studio North is designed with mixing in mind. Centered around Digidesign’s Icon D-Control, Studio North is the perfect room for working in the box. The 32-input Icon is the perfect control surface for both your Stereo and 5.1 Surround mix sessions. The room is perfectly complimented by a 16-channel EMI Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer for summing as well a 2-Channel Lavry Blue converter. If that wasn’t enough, our Studio North also is equipped with the Antelope Isochrone OCX-V and Isochrone 10M Rubidium Atomic Clock for a tighter, more focused sound that will translate flawlessly in your final mix through our custom 15″ Augspurger Main Monitors and 18″ Pioneer Subwoofers. Whether mixing or recording vocal overdubs, Studio North is well equipped for all your project needs.